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    KRAS p.G12R Reference StandardEnquiry

    Product Description

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    Format Genomic DNA
    Description KRAS G12R is a hotspot mutation that lies within a GTP binding region of the Kras protein (UniProt.org). G12R results in decreased Kras GTPase activity and increased activation of downstream signaling in cell culture (PMID: 23455880, PMID: 26037647).
    Technical Data
    DNA Change c.34G>C
    AA Change p.G12R
    Mutation type Substitution - Missense
    Zygosity Homozygous
    Allelic Frequency 100%
    Transcript ENST00000311936
    Cosmic ID COSM518
    Chr position(GRCh37) chr12:25398285
    Buffer Tris-EDTA
    Product Information
    Intended Use Research Use Only
    Unit Size 1ug
    Concentration Download for COA
    Purofication Download for COA
    DNA electrophoresis Download for COA
    Sanger sequencing
    Storage 4℃
    Expiry 36 months from the date of manufacture

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